Network Management!

Easily manage your network of ambulances and taxis.


* Bring your own network

We understand the importance of a great network. This is why we've worked hard to give you a network management tool. Completely confidential, it simplifies the management of your network of providers.

The advantages are incredible :

  • Your provider manages their company information for you
  • Negociated fares are calculated directly in the search results
  • You have a direct view of fares and are immediately alerted to any changes

OR Use our own network

But that's not all, we have providers who are ready to work within the network. You have the choice to use them once, twice or more The choice is yours. You may even integrate them into your network.

For the providers

Providers work for free in the network. We don't charge providers for finders fees or overhead However, we reserve the right to integrate providers or not into our application. Please be aware that we are in private BETA. Feel free to signup for a newsletter to receive more information.

As a provider we give you access to the following tools

  • Company information
  • Cost blueprint to allow you to input your prices
  • Mission data from your client
  • SMS and email alerts when you've been selected for a mission
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